So you want to know more about me? 



Where do I start? I was born on the November 12th in 2012. My dog Mum was a Jack Russell and my dog Dad was a Poodle, which makes me a Jackapoo. I had 3 sisters. I moved to my forever home in late January 2013, where I live with my 2 pet humans and some fish. 


When I first moved into my new house there was work going on, I guess they were getting everything ready for me. My room (the kitchen) was ready for me but my garden wasn't. But it was worth the wait. It looked lovely when it was finished. However due to my humans error, I didn't like to "relieve" myself in my new garden. Would you choose to do your business outside in public? exactly!!! Imagine how much worse it feels in the rain! Eventually I gave up the indoor habit. To be honest, once I got used to it, outside is much better.


During my first year I went through lots of different phases. First I liked undoing shoelaces, then I liked fetching a ball, then my mouth started to hurt and all I wanted to do was chew on things to relieve some of the discomfort. 


It was about this time I discovered socks. I love socks! They are by far my favourite thing to run off with.


I have also developed a taste for human drinks. Although I'm not allowed, I do try to trick my humans into giving me a taste. Like in this photo with my Dad. Again, at the moment I believe the trick is to take ownership, preferably before they realise what is going on.



Another item I like to try and claim ownership of is the TV remote. Much to the annoyance of my pet humans. They don't always have the talking light telebox showing what I want. So what else am I supposed to do. One day I will train my humans to have cartoons on all day. My favourite at the moment is The Simpsons. Sometimes I watch Scooby Doo, but I don't like the monsters very much. When my humans play on the Xbox I help by growling at anything scary on the telebox. This starts with the little strange looking people I see when it first switches on, but I am convinced it doesn't make them go any faster.