Welcome to the private world of


Rascal Pittman


Self proclaimed wonder dog extraordinaire




Thank you for taking the time to check out my website and learn a little bit about my life as a dog. I don't want to turn this page into an "about me page" so if you want to know about me, I'd look there.




Before you go any further with reading my website. I am a DOG. Human English is therefore, not my first language. I personally think yours is a slightly daft language. How many There, Their and They're spellings do Humans need? Really? I mean, come on?? As your reading it surely you know witch is which? If you think I've got something wrong, its probably not me, its your language that is wrong. However! If a word seems out of place, that's probably auto correct on my iPad. I'd be lost without it, but it doesn't always guess what I'm trying to say.




I have a blog/journal that I try to keep reasonable up to date, which isn't as easy as it sounds while trying to train my 2 pet humans, fit in naps, play, walks and food times.




If you have any suggestions for my website, like pages I should add or things that need updating a bit. Please let me know. I will probably ignore you, like untrained humans do me sometimes, but I am interested in your opinion. Please don't be offended if I discard your comment, after all, you are  

only human.